Wednesday, February 2, 2011

.Lets Celebrate. Blog Giveaway!

There is definite silence gap in my photography from August 2009 to February 2011 simply because I was offered a position with one of the largest communications companies in the US, and in order for me to commute for 4 weeks after moving twice (2 different states), I did the inevitable..

Was one of the hardest things I have had to do, knowing the passion stems from the great loss of my daughter, and the many years taken from her that have went and will continue to go unphotographed, however there were many more amazing things to come at that time.

Upon taking and accepting the position at work, I quickly met my love, my knight with a shiny playstation :) We have been together since 10.10 and are happily preparing for the future!

The desire to get back to my photography longed in my heart for many many months, but as you know the pocket book does not always fit our wants and desires. Then came 01.26.2011. My guy handed me the money and sent me off to get a brand new camera. This is life changing again for me, and brings my steps back to me. I love photography, and everything surrounding the beauty you can capture with one simple click, which brings me to why we are here today!

To celebrate getting back to me, my self love/acceptance, my amazing knight with a shiny playstation, and getting back to solid ground, I thought what a better way to celebrate than with my first blog giveaway! As you can read at the bottom of my blog, my photography stems from the love of my daughter Madilyne, and the hope that I can capture memories for those I adore. I aspire to photograph all ages, sizes, shapes, places, emotions, and memories for them to cherish for many years.

To say thank you for the warm welcome back into my shoes, and for all the love and support you've offered through the years, below you will find all the information on how to win all these amazing accessories from Charming Charlie! (My favorite accessory shop!)

What's in the bag:
Grand Prize for (1) winner
Sparkly Contact Lens Case
Fashion Tape
Pink Jewel and Inscribed Flower long chain necklace
White Stone Stretch Ring
Rhinestone Covered Compact Mirror
Pink Jewel Bracelet
Silver Makeup Brush Carryall (I'd use it as a wallet:))
$50 Gift Card to Charming Charlie

Runner Up Prizes:

How to enter:
1) Comment this post by telling me - What is the most important photographed moment you have and why?

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1) Retweet "I just entered @HappynessMagnet's Photography Blog Giveaway! Details to Enter: I love @Charm_Charlie!"

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1) Write on my wall and tell me one thing others love about you, and what is your passion in life?

Giveaway Rules and Guidelines:
Giveaway begins Wednesday, February 2 and ends Wednesday March 2 @ 11:59 pm PST.
One entry per method. There are 3 ways to enter which means 3 chances to win!
U.S. and International readers may enter.
Must be 18 years of age to enter, unless consent by parent is given.
Winner will be chosen at random.

Let the fun begin!
.Happyness Magnet.


  1. I have 1 photo of all 3 of my kids screaming, miss Kaitlyn was around 1 year old, Lauren 2 and Jayden 6...each time I look at it I am glad I survived some of the hardest days of my life and I can giggle at the chaos it shows :)

  2. Most important photographed moment you have and why?

    I guess it would be the time I was at a bus stop on my way home from highschool and I asked the very rugged native man next to me if I could take his picture. This is important for two reasons. The first was that it took a lot for me to step out of my comfort zone and ask and the second it taught me to always have a second roll of film on hand - I only got a half frame of what I thought was a very interesting looking man.

  3. Some of the favorite images I've captured on film came from my trip to Spain at the age of 18. I was so young, but was embracing a culture and felt so in the moment. I don't know if I've felt that passion since.

  4. I also tweeted about it. Thank you for this opportunity and for sharing your story!!/theplussideofme/status/32997206558650368

  5. Hmm, the most important moment I've photographed, probably any of the architecture photos I took in Puerto Rico when I first got my camera. I kept wondering exactly "what" would inspire me and taking that trip solidified the direction I wanted to go. I'm not really a people photographer, because they have to be directed and move around...I'm a place & thing photographer. Puerto Rico sparked something in me.

  6. There are many special moments I've had photographed, but the most important as of lately are include the times with my boyfriend. We recently had professional pictures taken and I can't tell you how much I love them. Our love really shows throughout the photos and made us fall in love with each other all over again. It was nice to get that newly-falling-in-love-feeling since we've been together for almost five years. Taking those pictures refreshed our relationship, and for that I am so grateful.

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